Love Notes

Love Note – Lana Del Rey New-Album-Day

In honour of the release of Chemtrails Over The Country Club, I write a self-indulgent homage to Lana Del Rey: her problems, her poetry, her power

Love Note Year in Review: 2020

I reflect on things that gave me pause for thought, work to do and utter joy in this most interesting of years

Love Note – Marvel Films


I watched twenty two Marvel films during Lockdown and I have thoughts and feelings to share. Click here for more

Love Note – Corona-party


Upon finding myself in limbo after the suspension of my teaching placement due to Covid-19, I share some of the ways I am keeping myself happy, healthy and sane whilst living and breathing home-life.

Love Note Year in Review: 2019

Featured Image

Summing up 2019, I write about the books, films, music, TV shows and podcasts that formed the back-drop to my, when all things are said and done, brilliant year. Click here for more.

Love Note – Yves Saint Laurent photo reel


It’s rainy, I’m ill and it has been a big, big week. As a pick-me-up, and in honour of up-coming Paris Fashion Week, I share my favourite snaps of clothing, accessories and more from the Yves Saint Laurent Museum in Paris. Click here for more.

Love Note – Avocado Carbonara

Avocado Carbonara

Hungry and in a rush? Eat avocado carbonara: a new classic. Easy, tasty and looks like something Shrek made. Click here for my recipe.

Love Note – Paris report

View from Pont Concorde

Food, fashion, art, parks and, um, cemeteries, oh my! Click here for my run-down of my recent trip to Paris, including some of my favourite places we visited and some of my favourite things we did.

Love Note – Chia Breakfast Pots

Chia pot 1

This week, I provide a recipe for a healthy, light and fresh breakfast alternative, perfect for the tropical heat we are currently melting in.

Love Note – Beach Books Reviews


In today’s Love Note, I review three of the novels that I managed to get completely sucked into on holiday.

Love Note series – Bonus Disney Women

Mim sunshine

I’ve enjoyed this Love Note series immensely and had to give some very well-deserving women some honourable mentions.

Love Note series – Meg

Hercules Meg

In part four of my Love Note series, I introduce Meg from Hercules. Meg is a bonafide sasspot, but also uses a femme fatale veneer to mask her deep emotional wounds. Her story sees her unravel her pain when faced with the honest, loving, responsible Herc.

Love Note series – Mulan

Mulan with shan yu sword

In part three of my Love Note series, I revere and reflect on Mulan: a brave, self-aware and innovative problem-solver, repeatedly considered a disgrace by her society, but who rises to hero status (and rightly so).

Love Note series – Pocahontas


In part two of my Love Note series, I discuss my deep love and admiration for Pocahontas, Disney’s most spiritual, curious and emotionally mature heroine.

Love Note series – Disney women (part one, Esmeralda)

Esmeralda featured image

In a post-holiday Love Note series, I introduce my four favourite Disney women. First up, Esmeralda from ‘The Hunchback of Notre Dame’, released in 1996.

Love Note -Beach Books

Kaikoura Site Image

Three days to go until my summer holiday and I am preparing my stack of books. Read my latest Love Note to find out the contemporary novels I am bringing along.

Love Note – Beach Music

Featured Image

I am very much looking forward to getting away from rainy old Britain in a couple of week’s time. Here, I discuss my summery soundtrack, perfect for lounging about on the beach.

Love Note – RHOBH vs. RHONY


This week, I compare and contrast two very important pieces of divine trash: The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and The Real Housewives of New York City. Freud makes an appearance too for fun.

Love Note – A (Legolas) Mug of One’s Own


I get my geek on/sit in my Konmari hat and dedicate a Love Note to my glorious Legolas mug. Isn’t it beautiful? Yes, it is.

Love Note – Graphic Novels

My Munnu

In a longer Love Note than usual, I celebrate the importance and accessibility of graphic novels. In particular, I discuss the Holy Trinity and some newer reads.

Love Note – Eurovision


This week, I pay tribute to the Eurovision song contest and help cynics and naysayers shift their perspective on potentially confusing aspects of the competition

Love Note – Mustang


In this week’s Love Note, I discuss the presentation of sisterhood in Deniz Gamze Ergüven’s Mustang, a beautiful film that commingles the magical mundane with terrifying patriarchal power structures.

Love Note – Buffalo Cauliflower Wraps

Buffalo Cauliflowers again

I’ve gone foodie and discuss a vegan dish that has become a Harping On household favourite. Read my Love Note for a full  insight into why this meal is amazing, plus the ingredients and method you need to make your own.

Love Note – Watching Game of Thrones


In this week’s Love Note, I pay tribute not only to one of the best TV shows around, but to the people, food and rituals involved with my watching of it.

Love Note – Vincent Van Gogh


In anticipation of new film At Eternity’s Gate, I revel in the emotional intensity and technical accomplishment of one of my favourite painters, Vincent Van Gogh.

Love Note – Fantasia

Fantasia Featured Site Page Image

I was devastated to find I missed a big screen showing of Disney’s Fantasia. Here, I reminisce about my favourite pieces and briefly explore why this film is so magical.

Love Note – The Vogue Colouring Book


This week, I write a Love Note dedicated to my beloved Vogue colouring book, the channel for all my sartorial delusions of grandeur since 2012. Features my colouring exhibits and design notes.

Love Note – Skiing and snowboarding


In this week’s Love Note, I share some of my mountain memories, both good and bad, and reflect on how the combination of fun and jeopardy of these snow sports help me to cultivate mindfulness.

World Book Day 2019


To celebrate World Book Day 2019, I review some amazing books I have recently read. Click here to read about Pema Chodron, Michelle Obama, Arundhati Roy and more.

Love Note – Inspector Javert and Alyosha Karamazov

Les Miserables

After an evening bawling my eyes out at Les Misérables, I compare my favourite character, Inspector Javert, with Alyosha Karamazov from Dostoevsky’s The Brothers Karamazov: both are men who look at the stars.

Love Note – Please Mr Kennedy

Please Mr Kennedy

This week, I’ve written about my favourite silly song from an excellent film, and discuss how it might just be a bit of an allegory for life. Find out more here

Love Note – Having a cold


PSA: I have a cold. I am so tempted to throw myself a pity party, but maybe this snot-fest is inviting me to really practice some good self-care. Read my latest Love Note here

Love Note – Avant gardish style (AKA anything but athleisure)


My inner fashion editor wants to see an end to athleisure. Read my latest Love Note to find out why.

Love Note – Grandma and all older people


My Grandma is turning 93 today, so my Love Note is dedicated to her and all the wonderful older people in society.

Love Note – A friend in need

the park

I use this week’s Love Note to send love and light to a friend who’s having a hard time. Read her greatest hits here

Love Note – TV 2019


2019 is looking like it’s going to be an excellent year on the box: I round up the shows I’m most looking forward to.

Love Note – The joys of rediscovering an old iPod


A night spent dancing around to some of my favourite songs from my late teens and early twenties provided inspiration for this week’s Love Note.

Love Note – Ave Maria

Lake Pukaki

My latest Love Note looks at a song I cared very little about until Christmas 2018, sung by a man I also cared little about until very recently. I now love both.

Love Note – Fantasy Football

Fantasy Football

Fantasy Football has become a very important part of my life and I think it’s time people knew why.

Love Note – Non-Christmas Christmas films


My latest Love Note lists my favourite non-Christmas Christmas films: films that feel festive, joyous and hopeful but don’t necessarily revolve around the 25th December.

Love Note – Tofu Thursdays

Tofu 1

I’ve taken a foodie turn this week and discussed an important weekly Harping On tradition: Tofu Thursdays. Recipe included.

Love Note – Expecto Patronum


In today’s Love Note, I wax lyrical about J.K. Rowling’s ‘Patronus’ charm and one of my all time favourite Harry Potter characters, Professor Lupin.

Love Note – The Spice Girls


I’m embarking on series of love notes to offer a short, sassy perspective on the stuff I love most. First up: The Spice Girls.

New Zealand: podcasts we listened to


I finally get onto the podcast bandwagon with My Dad Wrote a PornoSerial and The Guilty Feminist.

New Zealand: music we listened to


I discuss the albums that became the soundtrack to my six week tour of New Zealand

Skull Money

Skull Money

Published 17th June 2017

[…] ‘By accident I was given two skull coins

By two faceless strangers’ […]