Harping On Elsewhere



My debut novel Tender is the Gelignite is available to buy from Amazon


My essay ‘Beauty and the Beast‘: #CecilTheLion and the ‘Migrants” was published in the Everyday Analysis Collective’s third book Politactics. It is available to buy on Amazon. The original essay can be found here



My Open Letter to Nancy Rothwell (30th June 2017) was referenced on the Marxist Student Federation blog. It can be found here

My essay ‘Let’s tell the public why waste is not rubbish’ (15th May 2017), written on behalf of America Chung Nam (Europe)’s Executive Director, was published on Recycling Waste World. The original essay can be found here

My review of Bennett Miller’s film Foxcatcher, looking at self-fashioning and masculinity, was published on Flux Magazine (18th February 2015). It can be found here