‘It’s hard to dance with the devil on your back, so shake him off’: thoughts on the 2015 General Election Result 


First published on Cloudbanks and Shimbleshanks, 8th May 2015

I revisit an essay from 2015 in which I discuss the implications of the 2015 General Election result, where the Conservative party won an outright majority.

Lana Del Rey: music, fans and commercial mayhem

Lana Money

Lana Del Rey’s new LP Lust for Life was released on Friday 21st July. I critique the build-up and marketing of the album in the days leading up to the release, particularly the interaction with fans

Open Letter to Nancy Rothwell


Upon the appointment of George Osborne as the new Honorary Professor of Economics at the University of Manchester, I pen an open letter arguing that this superficial move plunges the university into ideological infamy.

Remembering Alexander McQueen: Allegory

Widows of Culloden Featured Image

First written in September 2015

The abyssal nature of Alexander McQueen’s oevure actively opens and prompts further interpretation. I critique McQueen’s relationship with history and death through Walter Benjamin’s conception of allegory.

Remembering Alexander McQueen: Abyss

Savage Beauty

First written in September 2015

Alexander McQueen was remembered at an internationally lauded exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum in 2015. I re-examine his work and our remembrance of his work using the critical lens of Jacques Derrida.

Disney devours his children: deconstruction or unoriginality?

Mickey Mouse Masks

First published in November 2014 on Cloudbanks and Shimbleshanks

Disney has  announced a string of live-action remakes of its own animated films. With reference to Jacques Derrida and Theodor Adorno, I question whether these will be progressive re-workings of old films or plain evidence of industrialised unoriginality.