Day 7 Negative LFT – Part 1

I lifted the

window open

and felt the

wind kiss my face.

It roared yesterday

like my panic

 but now it

softly smooths

my careworn face.

I allowed it to

play with my hair

as I took

careful breaths.

Eyes closed,

I stretch as

I unfold

croaking, gasping,

from places

of surrender,

and the fear

had been so great

the silence so loud

the darkness so pregnant.

Grey duvet skies

greeted me on

the other side.

Nothing spectacular

just gentle and soft

like this budding

trust in this, my,


No rush.

Just step-by-step trust.

Aching pink

Aching pink

sky that mourns

and groans,


drenching world

with admonitions.

I’m sorry.

I’m sorry.

Evergreen nods,

as grief is always so,

flexing her roots

in the marbled


Dusk in

uncanny rose


What more?

What more

Could I have done?

Moon readies

to cast her darkness

reminding in

inky calm

that sometimes

there are no answers

there is just

the sitting and

observing all

that we don’t


the vaulting



that rallies and

quakes with

breathless ice.

Murky pink


a balm of indigo


and we wait.

Flies come.

They hover

and twitch,

low-pitched and frantic

in their desperate


Then we remember

that they too

only yearn

for sweetness.

So, we wait.